Once upon a time, there was this guy. He’s a pretty solid guy, as it happens — otherwise, why tell the story? Anyway, this guy, he was making his way in the world, minding his own business, doing his job, raising his daughter, and generally doing great (perhaps Super Babadishin helped?).

Then one day this guy calls his brother. He says “I think I just went on a date!”

“Well, how do you feel about that?” asked the brother.

“I feel pretty good about it!” said the guy.


“Then I think this is a very fine development indeed,” said the brother. “You should bring her to Houston to visit.” And so he did, and much fun was had.

This pleased the brother, because he’s always been in favor of things that make Frank smile that much.

outside-oxheart-croppedAnd so, when, just before Christmas, the guy called the brother again, the brother was not at all surprised about what he had to say. And he’s pretty happy about it.

Though not, perhaps, as happy as Frank and Hadleigh.